See the Seals

26 June 2006 by Karen


Atlantic grey seal

Yesterday saw the NML day trip to Hilbre Island (which in case you don’t know is off the north coast of the Wirral and is home to lots of sea birds and a colony of Atlantic grey seals).

12 hardy souls, led by a member of the natural history team, walked the 2-miles to the island at low tide and it was well worth the effort. While there weren’t a lot of birds (Hilbre is more of a wintering ground) there were lots of inquisitive seals including this nosey pair.

The weather wasn’t great – overcast for a lot of the day – but I still managed to burn my face – not a good look.

Apparently on a busy day there can be up to 2000 visitors
to the island which is only about 500m long. Luckily, thanks to the early tide, there were only a few people on the island so there were plenty of quiet corners to watch the seals.

sealAnother nosey seal

When the tide goes out the seals can be seen basking on the sand banks. We were there for the high tide so only saw their faces.

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