Stick insects for schools

7 July 2006 by Billy

Stick insect

The Bug House at World Museum Liverpool‘s latest outreach project gives schools the opportunity to run a series of experiments with stick insects. All of these experiments fit into the key stage 3 curriculums for Science, Maths and English.

Schools are given all the equipment to care for their stick insects and run the experiments.

The species of stick insect used is Carausius morosus – the Indian or laboratory stick insect. It is an easy to keep, hardy species that will feed on a wide variety of food plants. The lifecycle is completed fairly quickly enabling the schools to witness every stage in the insect’s development.

A Bug House demonstrator visits the schools and helps set up the stick insects vivarium and run through all the experiments. The schools are also given a detailed pack explaining how to care for the stick insects as well step by step instructions on how to run the experiments. This includes student and teacher handouts and answer sheets.

Interested schools should contact Jenny Dobson, Bug House demonstrator.

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