A huge bucket of bramble and five dishes of donkey dung

21 August 2006 by Billy

This week’s ingredients list for the livestock in the Bug House in World Museum Liverpool:

Feeding the Dung Beetles

Dung beetles feeding on dung

• 1 huge bucket full of Bramble
• 7 pots of fresh food plant
• 7 bags full of fresh grass
• 5 bags full of petals
• 5 dishes full of donkey dung
• 10 handfuls of fish flake
• 1/2 handful of honey nut loops
• 1/2 handful of rabbit pellets
• 1 handful of bran
• 2 handfuls of special Bug House recipe insect mix
• 3 handfuls of special Bug House recipe hermit crab food
• 1/2 cup of ambrosia bee food
• 6 oranges
• 6 apples
• 6 bananas
• 1 lettuce
• 2 boxes of crickets
• 1 box of flies
• 1/2 box of mealworms

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