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‘The Piggery’, a Rembrandt self-portrait and Andromeda, M31

30 August 2006 by Billy

September’s monthly updates are available on the National Museums Liverpool site now. Lady Lever Art Gallery artwork of the month will be ‘The Piggery‘ by George Morland, free gallery talks by Frank Milner on 6 and 26 September 2006, 1pm.

‘The Piggery’, by George Morland

The Walker Art Gallery‘s object of the month will be Rembrandt van Rijn’s ‘Self-Portrait as a Young Man‘, with free gallery talks by Curator of Continental European Art Xanthe Brooke on 7 and 26 September 2006, 1pm.

September’s Nightwatch feature is also available, with tips on viewing our neighbouring galaxy Andromeda, M31, both through the naked eye and with binoculars.

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