Coffee, biscuits, late nights, alchohol

13 September 2006 by Billy

Pulling together major exhibitions like John Moores 24 can be an eventful experience for those responsible. Here are Curator of Fine Art at the Walker Ann Bukantas‘ last-minute comments on the exhibition which opens this weekend.
‘Since 1957. 24th exhibition. 2,300 paintings. Liverpool. Dark room. Five jurors. Four days. Five personalities. Five viewpoints. 3,450 slides. Practice session. Criteria, democratic decisions. Confidentiality. Anonymity maintained. Personal taste. Discussion. Professional knowledge. Careers, reputations, merit. Titled, untitled. Details. White sheets, artists’ gardens. Cats, cosmic, taupe. Yes. No. Maybe. Coffee, biscuits, late nights, alcohol. Slide dreams. Press calls. Bonding. Gallows humour. 268 shortlisted. Liverpool. Warehouse. Re-aquainted. Three days. Big sofa. Handlers. Painting parade. Issues arise, resolve. Is it knowing? Yes. No. Maybe. 52 selected. Favourites listed. Votes cast. Re-cast. Prizewinners. £25,000. Roof party. Napkin hats. Catalogue. Exhibition. Results announced. Visit the show. See our winner. Debate. Vote for yours.’

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