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Up Close With Ben Johnson

27 September 2006 by Karen

a man holding a small paintbrush against a large canvas

The devil’s in the detail. Ben works on St John’s Beacon

Another sneak preview, this one from the Walker. You might have seen that Ben Johnson has been commissioned to create a panorama of Liverpool; a highly detailed, painted cityscape. This 8ft by 16ft ‘Portrait of Liverpool’ will be made up of thousands of separate miniatures of buildings, roads and monuments, all showing the tiniest detail. This latest progress picture (above) shows Ben working on St John’s Beacon/Radio City tower in the city centre. The image below, which was taken in July this year, shows how all the separate entities fit together.

The finished piece will be on display in the Walker for much of 2008 before moving to the Museum of Liverpool on a permanent basis.

a painted city scene with some buildings greyed outThe greyed sections show the as yet unpainted buildings.

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