Westwood hole!

11 September 2006 by Sam

Anne-Marie Hughes with a wool dress

Anne-Marie Hughes working on the Vivienne Westwood dress

Close up of a hole in the woollen dress

Today textile conservator Anne-Marie Hughes showed me two Vivienne Westwood outfits that she has been working on.

The first, a knitted woollen dress from the designer’s Buffalo Girls Collection of 1982, has quite a few small holes that need repairing. Just finding wool to match the original colours was quite a challenge.

In better condition is a tartan suit, complete with bondage trousers, from Vivienne Westwood’s Anglomania Collection of the early 1990s. The suit, which used to belong to Holly Johnson, has just needed surface cleaning to make it ready for display.

These items and more are currently being prepared for a new display in the Craft and Design gallery at the Walker that will open at the end of this year.

Tartan suitHolly Johnson’s Vivienne Westwood suit

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