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Don’t forget to put your clocks back

27 October 2006 by Sam

Display of clocks

Some of the clocks on display at World Museum Liverpool

If you are reading this from an office in the UK then don’t forget to go outside and make the most of the daylight after work today, as when you leave work next week it will be a lot darker. That’s right, the clocks go back this weekend, something which usually causes mass confusion in my house as there’s always a clock or two that we forget to change.

All those in the same position should spare a thought for John Griffiths, the curator of horology (or man in charge of the clocks) at National Museums Liverpool. True, most of the timepieces in our collections are not kept wound up and running, so they wont need to be changed. However, the clocks in John’s care that do keep time are located in several different venues spread out across Merseyside, including World Museum Liverpool, the Lady Lever Art Gallery and Prescot Museum. With all that running around to do next week, I bet he’ll be glad of an extra hour in bed on Sunday.

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