Oasis get the Lowry treatment

23 October 2006 by Dawn

If you missed the Top of the Pops broadcast of Oasis’ new video, ‘The Masterplan’ on Saturday night you can still see this remarkable animated feature online at MSN (scroll down for the link). The video, released to promote their new greatest hits album, is a bit of a tribute to fellow Mancunian LS Lowry.

The band are depicted in Lowry-esque ‘matchstick’ style going about their business, including playing a gig and walking to a Man City vs Newcastle football match.

There’s also a subtle ‘hats off’ to the Beatles with the lads swaggering across a zebra crossing Abbey Road style. They later return to their matching terrace-houses, just like in the movie ‘Help!’.

I can’t say that I’m the biggest Oasis fan in the world – but this video is just compelling -and the tune’s not bad either.

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