Pick a mummy, any mummy

21 November 2006 by Karen

a mummified body

One of the mummies that will be going on display in the new Egypt gallery

A few months ago I told you about the new Egyptian gallery at World Museum Liverpool and said I’d keep you up to date with progress. Well now we’ve got to the interesting bit – the mummies.

Curatorial staff and conservators have been in our stores selecting mummies and coffins to be featured in the new gallery. This image shows a female of about 19 years of age who died during the Roman occupation of Egypt (30BC to 640AD). The contours of the head and body were modelled before the external wrappings were applied and the eyes and mouth were painted on. A framework of palm-fibre tightly bound with linen thread hangs around the neck, threaded with small amulets of wood. They still retain traces of gilding. The ancient Egyptians believed that the amulets were magical and would protect the mummy.

More photos, including a coffin, can be found on our Flickr page. One of the images features Vivien Chapman, head of organics conservation. You can contact her here.

Also, I’ve been asked to thank Graham, one of our volunteers who has been helping select objects for the gallery. He’s been a star.

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