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Love Sportacus

12 December 2006 by Dawn

I can’t help thinking that superhero Sportacus from the BAFTA-winning children’s programme LazyTown would be impressed with our LoveSport exhibition at World Museum Liverpool. The exhibition concentrates on encouraging visitors – especially children – to get active and it educates them about the benefits of sport for health.

LazyTown’s Sportacus – who was created and is played by Icelandic gymnast Magnús Scheving – goes one better. Not only is he credited with reducing the obesity levels of children in Iceland, but he has done it without ever mentioning exercise! The idea is that children find Sportacus’ heroic flipping and darting around LazyTown so compelling that they decide to follow their role model on the road to fitness. Meanwhile, baddie Robbie Rotten (or is that Rotten Robbie?) is stuffing his face with goodies such as cream cakes.

Sportacus is a total hit with the children, but is also proving popular with the mummies who can’t help but admire the guy’s impeccable physique and mind-boggling agility.

If you haven’t heard about LazyTown before, you soon will. The theme tune ‘Bing Bang’  is in the race for Christmas number one single … and it’s just a teenie-weenie bit annoying. Where’s the superhero that wipes out tacky chart music when you need it?

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