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Winter weather on the website

11 December 2006 by Sam

Detail of an illustration of some leaves

Detail of a botanical print of frankincense

It’s cold outside, so the latest online exhibition to grace the National Museums Liverpool website is on the theme of winter weather.

As always the online exhibition draws on items from different venues, many of which are not usually on public display. This time we’ve got exhibits and animals from some of the coldest places on the planet, plants traditionally associated with Christmas and the perfect teapots to make a warming cuppa on a cold day, to name just a few.

So if you’ve ever wondered exactly how Inuit women keep warm in temperatures of -40°C, what frankincense and myrrh actually look like, or what type of bird would make a good novelty tureen to serve a nice warming stew out of – and I’m sure that last question in particular has kept many people awake at night – then we have the answers you seek. 

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