Happy birthday Liverpool

4 January 2007 by Sam

I popped into the Walker before to see the Sam Taylor-Wood video of David Beckham and admire his perfectly manicured thumbnail. I wonder if he had his nails done specially for the video or if they’re always in that good condition?

On the way in I couldn’t help notice some fencing and strange tent-like structures going up around the Steble fountain opposite the gallery’s entrance. These are all part of the preparations for tomorrow evening’s firework display from the gallery’s roof. Originally scheduled for new year’s eve, until the weather got too windy, the fireworks can now be seen from 7.30pm tomorrow.

The fireworks officially kick off the city’s 800th anniversary year of celebrations, so do come to see them and wish Liverpool a happy birthday if you’re in the area.

tent and fencing by the fountain outside the Walker

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