Reunion of descendents of William Roscoe of Liverpool

28 February 2007 by Lynn

An appeal for help from John Edmondson at World Museum Liverpool. Anyone wishing to reply to him should use our ‘contact us’ system.

old black and white drawing of a man in formal dress with his signature beneath, reading 'W. Roscoe'

William Roscoe

2008 is Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture. One of its oldest institutions, founded by William Roscoe, is planning to mark the event by holding a special reunion of descendants of William Roscoe (1753-1831). He was one of Liverpool’s most distinguished citizens and arguably the person responsible above all others for setting our city on the road to its present status as a ‘cultural capital’.

Would any of our readers be interested in any of the following?

* Helping to locate William Roscoe’s living descendants by researching his family tree
* Contacting his relatives to ask them to sign up for a reunion in Liverpool
* Meeting at the Athenaeum Club, Church Alley, Liverpool to help plan the arrangements for this reunion

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’ then I look forward to hearing from you.  I am particularly keen to hear from people who can prove they are descended from William Roscoe. Rumour has it there are plenty of these around.

I am not (so far as I know) related to William Roscoe myself. In fact I am Head of Science at World Museum Liverpool, and a member of the Athenaeum. But I want to help our club to celebrate the Capital of Culture year in a way that honours its founder, and also provide a lot of fun for those lucky people who can trace their ancestry back to Roscoe.


  1. anna eden says:

    John Roscoe married Mary Eden and they both lived in Liverpool. I’m interested in whether John was a brother of William. Does anyone know?

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Anna,

    Unfortunately we don’t have any information in our records about John Roscoe. I’d recommend you try the Local Records section of Liverpool Central Library as this is the sort of information they might hold.


  3. Robin Dulake says:

    I have only just begun going through our family documents. William Roscoe is an ancestor of ours through the marriage in 1881 in Christchurch, New Zealand between Ada Roscoe (daughter of ‘Wm. Roscoe Literatuer’)and Alexander Farquhar Morice (son of ‘James Farquhar Morice Merchant’), I quote from the marriage certificate I have. Ada was a good water clourist, Alexander came out to NZ in his late 20s, married, and died shortly after; his sister, Flora, asked Ada, now pregnant with my grandmother, to come and live with them in England, which she did. My mother remembered Ada well, a loving Granny.
    I would be interested to know more about Ada’s family, since it always seemed that she was a lonely figure, and perhaps she had gone off to New Zealand to ‘escape’?
    Alexander’s sister, Flora, was married to George McAndrew; they lived at Juniper Hall, now National Trust, near Dorking, so there was plenty of room.
    My mother’s (1907-2006) memories of visiting Juniper Hall go back to the 1910s, I havent visited it myself.

  4. Robin Dulake says:

    My mother’s mother’s mother was Ada Roscoe’s daughter. Ada (William Roscoe’s daughter)married Alexander Morice in Christchurch New Zealand, but he sadly died there before their daughter, (my grandmother) was born. Alexander’s sister, Flora, married to George McAndrew and living at Juniper Hall Dorking (now National Trust)invited the widow to come and live with them, which she did. My mother remembers Ada well; can anyone clarify why Ada went to NZ? She was an excellent water colourist, I have some of her pictures and sketches of NZ.
    Looking forward to hearing if anyone knows. Yours sincerely Robin Dulake

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