Happy anniversary, Liverpool

24 April 2007 by Karen

photo showing 2 sides of a copper-coloured medal

The two sides of the commemorative medal

Our new curator of antiquities, Carolyn Routledge, has been rummaging round her new charges and come up with this rather timely little gem. It’s a 1907 medal commemorating the 700th anniversary of the foundation of Liverpool (in case you didn’t know we are celebrating the city’s 800th birthday this year).

On the left (the obverse view) we can see King John bestowing the charter that made Liverpool a city, along with a liver bird crest. The reverse view on the right shows a sailing ship, the dates 1207 and 1907, and the words ‘Deus nobis haec otia fecit’. This is the motto of the City of Liverpool and means ‘God has provided us this rest’ or ‘ this tranquility’ or ‘this leisure for us’, depending on your translation. The quote originally comes from Virgil’s Eclogue I (37BC) and was suggested for the coat of arms by James, 10th Earl of Derby. The things you learn.

  1. Cyril Ridley says:

    I have one of these medals that was recovered from the ashes of a gardem bonfire by my late father some forty or more years ago. I contacted the National Museum of Liverpool about 25 years ago for information but received no reply. I have only ever seen one other, many years ago in an antique shop. I would have purchased it but unfortunatly, with a young family at the time I was unable to justify the asking price – a fact I’ve regreted ever since

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