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People from the past – Emily Tinne

17 May 2007 by Sam

sepia photo of a seated lady

Emily Tinne © courtesy of Dr Alexine Tinne

For Museums and Galleries Month I’ve been asking which everyone to nominate which people from the past related to our collections they would bring back if they could, so it seems only fair that I should share my suggestions. It has taken me a while to think of somebody, mainly because there’s so many to choose from, I just couldn’t decide.

It’d be interesting to talk to any of the sailors from past centuries related to the Merseyside Maritime Museum‘s collections – the people who set out to sea during an era when they were never really sure if they’d make it home safely again. I’m sure they’d all have some great tales of their adventures on the ocean wave, but I can’t narrow down my choice to just one.

I’d also like to talk to the person who did some rather strange things to a 15th century painting of St Michael and the Dragon, which were discovered by our paintings conservators recently, as I’d like to know how they could treat a work of art that way.

I’m tempted to have stern words with the questioning soldier in the painting ‘And when did you last see your father?’ and tell him to pick on someone his own size, but I realise that he’s not real so doesn’t really count.

So in the end I’ve decided that the person I’d bring back would be Mrs Emily Tinne, whose enormous collection of clothing was the focus of the exhibition A Passion for Fashion last year. I’d love to take her shopping to see what she thinks of all the designer shops springing up in Liverpool now. Today’s clothing may be a bit too daring for her tastes, but I’d love to get her to at least try on a colourful new pair of shoes, as the shoes from the Tinne collection tend to be more practical than glamorous. I’m sure I could convert her to the joys of bling footwear!

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