Blackie the Rocking Horse

19 June 2007 by Kay

young boy riding rocking horse in Blacklers department store

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Hawkins

In December 2005 you may remember that Blackie, the much loved rocking horse from Blackler’s Department Store and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, went on display at the Museum of Liverpool Life for the first time after being kindly donated by the hospital.

This image of Blackie been ridden in the children’s clothing department shows how much pleasure he brought to generations of Liverpool children.

The following is just one of the happy memories in the comments book from the display. “Blackie was a childhood friend to us kids – to us he was real!” L.F., Old Swan.

  1. rosalyn thomas says:

    i am interested to memories of ms hawkins re blackie

  2. Elizabeth Hawkins says:

    It was so wonderful to see ‘Blackie’ on display in the fantastic New Liverpool Museum ~ Elizabeth Hawkins

  3. Sandra Gee says:

    I remember riding Blackie when he was at Blacklers store – as a child it was the only department store I liked going into, purely because of the rocking horse. There was often a queue for him.

  4. Wirral Rocking Horses says:

    Blackie moved to the Royal Liverpool Children’s Hospital where I was asked to restore it with new rocking horse accessories many years ago. It was a wonderful horse to work on and now lives at the Liverpool Museum.

  5. Kenneth Dickson says:

    25.11.11. Having recently visited the Liverpool Museum I was delighted to see an old friend "Blackie" the much loved rocking horse. Like many others I have fond memories of riding on "Blackie" at Blacklers many years ago. I have a photograph taken by my father in 1952,I think, of me riding on "Blackie". If you are interested I can send you a copy should you whish to add it to the blog.

  6. Sara says:

    As one of Blackie’s friends from the early 1970’s I am so pleased he has a new home. What a beauty! I’m coming for my first visit to the new museum in a couple of weeks and am so looking forward to seeing the old love again.

  7. Pam J says:

    I used to ride Blackie every chance I got when we went to the shops in Liverpool (in the late 60s/early 70s). The best time was if you’d been kept out of school for some reason and were in town when all the other kids were at school. You could stay on the horse for as long as you wanted (or as long as mother would tolerate)! I remember it seemed huge to me at the time, but looking at that picture it’s not all that big.

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