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Transatlantic Slavery Gallery decant

27 June 2007 by Sam

curator taking object out of case

It’s all go down at Merseyside Maritime Museum. The Transatlantic Slavery Gallery in the basement closed on Sunday, as part of the preparations for the new International Slavery Museum, which opens upstairs on the third floor on 23 August.

With less than 2 months to go before the opening, staff have had to work fast. When I popped in today it looked as if at least half of the objects had already been taken out of their cases. Most of these are now being checked and treated in the National Conservation Centre before going on display in the new museum.

I was just in time to see curator Angela Robinson removing an ivory anklet from a former display of artefacts from West Africa. If I’d been any later I would have been photographing an empty case!

The new displays will include familiar objects from the old galleries, which will be joined by new acquisitions, items that are currently in storage and specially commissioned artworks, such as the Freedom! sculpture that is currently on tour.

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