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Conservator declares war on bad hair

2 July 2007 by Sam

Conservator replacing wig on mannequin

Last year textile conservator Anne-Marie Hughes helped prepare some of the best looking mannequins ever to set foot in a gallery, with the Inspiration – forty years of designer fashion display at the Walker. Last week she brought that touch of glamour to the Battle of the Atlantic gallery in Merseyside Maritime Museum, with a quick makeover for one of the mannequins on display.

The mannequin, inspired by the photograph of a WREN on this web page, needed a new wig as her old wig was looking a bit worse for wear.  You can see a few photos in this Flickr slideshow of Anne-Marie at work replacing the wig. She describes how the job took an unexpected turn below.

“The mannequin makers had stuck the wig on with some serious epoxy adhesive and had stuck some of the hair to its face, I assume in error.

This job was a bit of a departure for me, I have to say I’m not usually called upon to remove facial hair from mannequins mainly because they don’t usually have it (particularly female ones), but I do think the mannequin looks refreshed after her makeover.”

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