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6 July 2007 by Karen

We get a lot of enquiries from people asking if we hold passenger list records for people leaving and entering the UK. Just seen that in association with the National Archives have made available the passenger lists for people who left the UK between 1890 and 1960 (actually, they just got up to 1929 for now – the rest follows in the next few months and you can register to be kept informed). 

While I’m here, Karen in archives recommends the ‘Watching the Boats Go By’ website. It shows live vessel movements in the Mersey and other areas around the coast, so you can check out what’s afloat at any time of the day. You can click on the map to see the individual ships, their stats, what sort of vessels they are, where they’re from/going etc and photos.  Its great if you have seen a ship in the river and wondered what it was.

  1. Dr. Esor BenSorek says:

    My father sailed from Liverpool to Boston on the SS IVERNIA in April 1910. He was a 10 year old child named JANKEL WINER accompanied by his mother SARAH WINER. Do you gave any passenger records to verify that ? They arrived in Liverpool from Hamburg. Their nationality was Russian.
    Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

  2. Kline O. Pugh says:

    Are there passenger lists Liverpool to Virginia, USA, about 1695?

    Kline O. Pugh
    Cleveland, GA USA

  3. Eduardo Merino MacDonnell says:

    I’m Argentine and currently I live in Barcelona (Spain).
    I’m looking for my ancestors John McDonnell and his wife Kate (nee Duffy). As long as I know they went to Buenos Aires (Argentina) in a barque named Rosario (may have English or Spanish flag). They left Liverpool on 20 June 1857. I would be grateful for any information that anyone can give me. I also offer my help in Spain to anyone having similar needings.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Eduardo Merino MacDonnell

  4. laura says:

    I would like to know if its posssible have passenger lists between 1910-1922, i am looking for my grandparents departure port-
    The was fron Russia.
    Steiman/ Shteiman

    Thank you

    Laura steiman

  5. Jay Undewrood says:

    While the "Watching the Ships go by" site is very interesting, it does not adddress the needs of those who wish to determine arrivals/departures of passengers in years gone by. My particular interst is in ships from Halifax, Nova Scotia arriving at Liverpool 1870-1871.
    Where are those records held, and how are they accessed?

  6. Sam (NML) says:

    You can find details of the records that are held at the Maritime Archives and Library in the online information sheets:

    The sheets also have details of other sources of information for records that are not held at National Museums Liverpool

  7. Meg Nicks says:

    My grandmother came over to Canada on a ship; we have a photo that shows "…xion Liverpool" The latest she would have come over was 1905, and she supposedly made 2 trips. She was born in 1883, lived in Dundee, Scotland, and her name was Allenina Stewart (also Lena.) Would you know the full name of the ship in the old photo? Also how to find passenger lists that might show her name? My father spent a lot of time looking for info, but that was before the net got going. Thankyou!

  8. Sam (NML) says:

    Hello Meg

    the best place to start your research is our online info sheet about Emigration to the USA and Canada, which details the records held in our archives and recommends other sources of information:

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