Work, work, work

27 July 2007 by Sam

huge ship under construction, surrounded by cranes

It’s most people’s favourite time of the week, the last few hours and minutes of work on a Friday before the weekend. Yet sometimes it’s hard to escape reminders of the working week completely. At the moment there are a few quite artistic reminders out there.

In the latest exhibition to open at the National Gallery, artists explore the themes of Work, rest and play from the 16th century to the present.

Meanwhile, on our own website you can see photos from the Stewart Bale archive in a work-themed online exhibition. I really like this one of the laying of the keel of the Mauretania II at Cammell Laird shipyard. If you’ve ever wondered how to build a ship, it seems that you need a lot of cranes and a lot of scaffolding. You can zoom in on the Mauretania being built and work out the rest for yourself with the zoomify feature. 

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