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Pirates, x-rays and a new museum

17 August 2007 by Sam

x-ray of a doll

Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve picked completely the wrong week to go on holiday? While I’m away next week it looks like I’m missing loads of fun here in Liverpool.

Tomorrow the famous ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, The Black Pearl, will be visiting Liverpool and docking opposite the Maritime Museum. Sadly Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom wont be there, but I’m sure it’ll still be worth seeing.

Then of course the International Slavery Museum opens on Thursday. Being a nosey type, I had a quick look round this week and even though the displays were still being finished off it already had the wow factor.

To top off the week, visitors are invited to bring in their toys to be x-rayed in the Reveal gallery of the National Conservation Centre on Friday from 12.30-3.30pm. At last, the chance to discover the inner workings of your favourite playthings - don’t pretend that you’re not even the tiniest bit curious to see what makes your teddy bear growl. See the full details on the Conservation Centre’s What’s On pages.

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