Earlier This Week In The Time And Space Gallery At World Museum Liverpool Fine Watchmaker Christopher Ward Presented The Fir

6 September 2007 by Lisa

Earlier this week in the Time and Space Gallery at World Museum Liverpool, fine watchmaker Christopher Ward presented the first example of the ‘C1 Russell’ watch to John Millard, Director at World Museum Liverpool, to be added to the renowned horological collection.

John Millard and Christopher Ward with the 'C1 Russell' watch

John Millard and Christopher Ward with the ‘C1 Russell’ watch

This exceptional watch is a modern interpretation of the Hunter pocket watch designed by Thomas Russell, watchmaker of Prescot, Liverpool, in the 19th century. It embodies all the design finesse and top quality components of Thomas Russell watches and reflects the historic traditions of Liverpool watch making. Thomas Russell was arguably Liverpool’s finest watchmaker and built a thriving business producing the finest quality watches and clocks, including the celebrated Russell Hunter pocket watch. His fame spread to royal circles and he was rewarded with royal patronage by Queen Victoria. Thomas Russell’s name is synonymous with the Lancashire watch making industry. He remains an icon for watch purists and enthusiasts around the world

  1. Owen Donnelly says:

    I have a pocket watch made by Arnold Adams & Co. dated 1707. What can you tell me about it?

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Owen,

    We have information regarding Merseyside watchmakers in this online database:


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