HMS Bangor visits Liverpool

1 November 2007 by Sam

HMS Bangor

Ian Murphy, curator of port history at Merseyside Maritime Museum, took this action shot this morning. It shows the gangway being lifted into place for HMS Bangor, which is berthed outside the museum this weekend and is open to the public.

Apparently the ship is a Sandown class minesweeper. I don’t know if including the word ‘bang’ in the name of a minesweeper is an example of naval humour or if it’s completely unintentional. 

Ian has apologised for not getting much of the ship itself in the photo, but did point out that the sky and the famous Pier Head buildings in the background look great. As my Museum of Liverpool photo from the other week is more about the sunrise than the construction site itself, I know exactly where he’s coming from!

Update 07/11/2007: Here’s a photo of HMS Bangor heading off down the Mersey on Monday – I just caught it from the ferry.

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