Hello from Rina – Volunteer from Japan

4 December 2007 by Emma Martin

For the next two weeks, Rina, a Japanese student studying English will be working in the Ethnology department at World Museum. We’re really pleased to have her here and we thought it would be nice for her to do a blog about what she is doing.

photo of a woman standing next to a Christmas tree

Rina with the tree in the museum foyer


My name is Rina. I am from Tokyo, Japan. I am working in this Museum as a work placement for a month. I usually do computer work and store objects, but my main purpose is to improve my English skills through my work.

I study British and American literature in my university in Japan, and this work placement is a part of my language course studies. Before I came here, I studied English in university of Manchester for two month, and I moved to Liverpool two weeks ago. This work placement is a good experience for me and helps me to know the English work environment and improve my English skills.

I am interested in the exhibition “The Beat Goes On” because I am interested in U.K. rock music very much. However, it will open after I go back to Japan, so I’d like to come back here to see the exhibition!

  1. munamadan says:

    thank u rina, I am inspire your task.

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