Keep Your Eye on the Prize

2 May 2008 by Laura

Actress from International Slavery Museum

Vikky Evans-Hubbard plays the role of Diane Nash

As usual our museums are packed with things to keep you busy this bank holiday weekend, but a new performance at the International Slavery Museum on Monday 5 May is definitely worth a special trip.

Keep your eyes on the prize tells the inspiring story of Diane Nash and her involvement in the civil rights movement in America during the 1960s. There are two performances at 2 and 3pm.

Or if like me you are planning a very lazy long weekend then let BBC’s Woman’s Hour bring highlights of the performance to you. They are doing a series on the treasures of National Museums Liverpool as picked by female members of staff. Watch this space for the others to follow throughout 2008.

  1. Sonia Elmena Thakker says:

    Hi Vikky

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you today. (I came along with the group from Leicester and stayed behind for a chat at the end).

    Thank You for your heart felt delivery and your warmth shown to us. I felt a whole mixture of emotions that I usually cover up. Every now and then I revisit the legacy of slavery and today has been a most thought provoking and strangely comforting experience.

    God bless you all as you seek to present the truth so powerfully and effectively.


    Sonia ELMENA Thakker


    Two years ago, Copeland Borough Council (in Cumbria) formally apologised for Whitehaven’s role in slavery. Also the BBC made a Video Nation clip on me in Whitehaven to mark the bicentenary of the abolition. The video was also posted on the net but my recent attempt to access it proved difficult.

    As I briefly mentioned today, I had tried to research direct links between Ghana and
    Jamaica. I would really appreciate any support or advice in order to develop this further. Thank you for your inspiration and all the best with your future endeavours.

    Many Thanks,


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