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Teachers, we need your help

17 July 2008 by Karen

Basically, we need you to help us to help you. We’re developing a new feature for our main site and need to understand how teachers – one of our biggest user groups – would use the system.

We’ve got well over a million objects in our care, ranging from microscoping plants to ships. Of these collections we currently have about 1,500 objects on our website but want to increase this number substantially. We also want to make our collections more easily searched and to provide much more in depth information, so are creating a single, comprehensive online collections system. We already know that teachers use our website in their work and want the new system to meet their needs as closely as possible.

The questionnaire, which you will find here http://www.surveygizmo.com/s/57097/online-collections, basically asks teachers how they are currently using the site and what features they would like to see. We’ve given you a bit of a shopping list to chose from plus the option to mention anything we’ve missed. There are eight questions which should take about 5 minutes. Any feedback teachers, or other learning professionals, could give will help us enormously and will in turn allow us to support you as best we can. I realise we’re right at the end of term so any feedback would be doubly welcome.

Any questions just email me using the link below this post.

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