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12 September 2008 by Lisa

Want to help with a project about how drawing helps us relate to the world around us? Then come along to the Lady Lever Art Gallery this month and you can assist PhD student Pippa Sherriff from the University of Leicester, who is researching this very subject for her thesis. Pippa is inviting visitors to get involved in drawing activities at the gallery and to talk to her about their experiences to help with her research. Read on for more details from Pippa herself…

My name is Pippa Sherriff and I am a Research Student in the Museum Studies Department at the University of Leicester. My doctorial project explores the experience that adult visitors have when they are encouraged to draw in Museums and Art Galleries of Art and Design. I am interested in how the process of drawing encourages a closer engagement with the world around us and may enhance the understanding and appreciation of the object(s) encountered. 

A black piece of paper with a white drawing of a flower

Get drawing at the Lady Lever

I am inviting adults to come and participate in a drawing activity at Lady Lever Art Gallery, Monday to Friday from now until the end of September 2008. I have in situ a good supply of drawing materials or people may prefer to bring their own. Following the activity I am seeking people to talk to me (approx 10 minutes) about the experience and so contribute to my research findings.

In essence this is an opportunity for people to express their feelings about the drawing process itself and engagement with the object(s) encountered. The conversation will be conducted in a quiet space, audio recorded and then transcribed at a later date. There are no written questionnaires to complete and any confidential or sensitive information is neither expected nor required. Participants may also withdraw at any time if they so wish. 

My final thesis will include descriptions and quotations of the experiences related by drawing participants. However, importantly, each will decide how their individual contribution is attributed. A research consent form will detail this information. If anyone is also interested in being kept informed about the progress of my research I am willing to establish email contact.

Contact the Lady Lever Art Gallery for more details on: 0151 478 4136

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