‘Mimosa’ model arriving soon

26 September 2008 by Sam

model of a ship with 3 masts

The completed ‘Mimosa’ ship model

Here’s a sneak preview of a brand new model of the ‘Mimosa’, which commemorates the ship’s role in taking the first Welsh emigrants from Liverpool to Patagonia, in southern Argentina, in 1865.

The Merseyside Welsh Heritage Society commissioned the model from Tony Fancy of Trade Wind Models in Poole, Dorset, with sponsorship from the Liverpool Culture Company. The model will be officially presented to the Merseyside Maritime Museum by the Merseyside Welsh Heritage Society this weekend, and will go on permanent display in the Emigration gallery soon.

Many people emigrated from Wales in the 19th century to escape poverty, mostly to the United States. However, as the Welsh language and traditions were being neglected and forgotten by these settlers, it was decided to create a Welsh colony. Land for the colony was granted by the Argentinian government in Patagonia.

‘Mimosa’ was a wooden clipper built in 1853 by Alexander Hall and Sons of Aberdeen and owned by Vining and Killey of Liverpool. On 28 May 1865 Mimosa sailed from Liverpool for Patagonia carrying 160 Welsh emigrants. After a 2 month voyage the settlers landed at Porth Madryn, then trekked 40 miles south to create the first settlement by the Chibut River.

Today there are more than 150,000 people of Welsh descent living in Patagonia. Although Spanish is the main language, Welsh is still spoken there.

  1. Sylvester Damus says:

    Do you what ship-broker was involved in the sailing of the Mimosa?

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