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Sun and sailings

22 October 2008 by Karen

Think this is the lamest title we’ve ever used for a blog post, but in true alliterative tradition I’ve gone with it anyway. Saw two unrelated but interesting bits today:

1. The Incoming Passenger Lists for 1878 – 1960 are now available on www.ancestry.co.uk. The records of around 16 million immigrants, business travellers, tourists and returning ex-pats and their descendants are available for you to peruse. This is good news for those of you researching your family tree as you can search by port of arrival, name of vessel, shipping line, port of embarkation and date of arrival. And as well as passenger names, you can discover historical information such as the date of birth, occupation and, from 1922 onwards, intended UK address of each passenger. 

2. The boston.com website has some fabulous photos of Sun activity including close-ups of magnetic structures, a sunspot, an erupting solar filament and a solar eclipse. Fascinating and beautiful and well worth a look.

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