‘Black Bile’ goes pink!

20 November 2008 by Lisa

A group of children painting on one canvas

‘Black Bile’ gets a make-over from Kensington Youth Inclusion Group

As promised in an earlier post, here’s an update on the work of Kensington Youth Inclusion Group who have recently been creating their own versions of paintings from the John Moores 25 exhibition. Their interpretation of ‘Black Bile’ is certainly a refreshing new take on the painting, using an attractive candy pink! Here’s Learning Officer Lauren Gould to tell us more…

Over four after-school sessions at the Kensington Youth Inclusion Project centre, we have created some fabulous works.  Local artist Keiron Finnetty help each of the two groups to create a large work based on some of their favourite paintings from the John Moores exhibition.

They collectively worked on a re-interpretation of ‘Fontana’ by Peter McDonald and ‘Black Bile’ by Alex Gene Morrison.  I highly recommend making a visit to the Walker Art Gallery once these unique works go on show at the beginning of December!

Each young artist then created a painting of their own, based on sketching done during their visit to the John Moores 25 exhibition in October.  This coming Saturday they will make their final visit to the Walker to write poems responding to the paintings that inspired them most.

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