Where there’s a wool there’s a way

17 November 2008 by Sam

two women knitting

Workshop leader Ildi Szabo wearing one of her amazing woolly creations, with museum demonstrator Pam Hale

I went to a great knitting workshop at Merseyside Maritime Museum at lunchtime. It was organised by the Seized learning team who normally hold events looking at how smugglers try to get firearms, drugs and other illegal substances through customs – and how customs officers stop them. Apparently wool also used to be smuggled out of the country centuries ago – I never knew that I had been knitting with such a precious material before!

As a fledgling knitter I had great fun learning some new techniques and making a few mini projects. If you want to have a go then the good news is that Ildi will be back at the Maritime Museum on Sunday afternoon with some fun things for knitters of all ages and abilities to make in the ‘Where there’s a wool there’s a way’ workshop. Have a look at the Seized! events page for further details.

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