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October’s caption competition

1 October 2009 by Karen

Man in uniform hugs a woman

Millais’ ‘The Black Brunswicker’ from the Lady Lever Art Gallery collection.

Post a comment to tell us what you think the caption should be for this image. It’s ‘The Black Brunswicker’ by Millais (more on it and a larger image on our main site). The caption we think is funniest/quirkiest/most inventive wins this month’s prize which is a rather nice hardback book, ‘Women Artists In The 20th and 21st Century’. The book features Tracey Emin, Rachel Whiteread, Georgia O’Keeffe, Barbara Hepworth, Frieda Kahlo, Bridget Riley, Kara Walker and many, many more, and ties in nicely with the forthcoming exhibition, ‘The Rise of Women Artists’ which starts at the Walker on 23 October.

You’ve a couple of weeks to enter. If you’re looking for inspiration September’s entries are here.

The not-very-small-print: This is competition isn’t open to NML staff or their families. The judge’s decision is final. There’s no alternative prize. Please keep your suggestions tasteful.

Update 27/10/09: October’s caption competition has now closed although you can obviously still add your suggestions. The winner was ‘The conversation waned somewhat while they waited for the butler to appear with the superglue remover’.

  1. Cheekablue says:

    Urghh! You’ll conquer the French single handed with breath like that!

  2. Dave Maguire says:

    She thinks "If the dog humps his leg I’ll die of shame"

  3. Rob Falconer says:

    OK, one more cuddle and then you can go off to fight in Narnia

  4. ken wilkinson says:

    man saying-"Dorothy,would you like to see my Bearskin." woman replies-"Oohhh,George,don`t go, I love it when you talk dirty."

  5. peter robinson says:

    mined if i open the door the dog has just past wind .

  6. Clair Sharpe says:

    The conversation waned somewhat while they waited for the butler to appear with the superglue remover.

  7. Valerie says:

    Lucy was woken up by the soldier’s frenzied hammering on her bedroom door – after a while, she just had to get up to let him out

  8. Rob Pendragon says:

    Yes, the door’s stuck. But don’t worry – I can get a carpenter in under a week.

  9. Tony Stretton says:

    Frank said to Mary – this is the last time we pose for one of those silly caption competitions!!!

  10. Christine Norton says:

    Darling are you sure we were picked to stay in strictly come dancing?

  11. ANGUS CARLYLE says:


  12. Gareth says:

    Go then. And take that damn wallpaper with you!

  13. andrew powell says:

    Im sorry Henrietta but the Duke of Brunswick has said
    its compulsory that i make my bearskin out of our
    dog nipper , its all down to spending cuts

  14. susan langton says:

    Damn your watch chain! Im hooked to you again!

  15. Wendy McLean says:

    You can go – but the dog stays!

  16. lydia says:

    Down Boy!!! No, not the dog, you!!

  17. clair bendle says:

    Stop! don’t forget the plastic bag for his poop darling.

  18. audrey cowper says:

    I can’t believe you had fish and chips and didn’t even bring me back a pickled onion!

  19. Maria Webster says:

    What was that? It couldnt be!! Rupert had bought her the exact same Red bow for Christmas as his dog.

  20. Rosemary Walsh says:

    If you push that door shut any harder you’ll break my fingers!

  21. Kirsty Black says:

    Oh, George that dog is so scary. Come and hug me, please.

  22. Ann Williams says:

    Don’t be alarmed. I think the lace of your cuff is caught in my tunic button.

  23. Rachel Bignell says:

    Hup, Rover! Grab his wallet while I distract him.

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