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November’s caption competition

9 November 2009 by Sam

Man with a broom talking to 2 children

Copyright Stephen Shakeshaft

It’s competition time again and this month’s picture comes courtesy of the rather wonderful exhibition Liverpool People by Stephen Shakeshaft, which is at the National Conservation Centre until 24 January 2010.

Have a look at this photograph from the exhibition – you can see a larger version on the exhibition website – and see if you can think of an amusing caption for it. Post your entry as a comment (please keep them clean) by the end of the day on Sunday 22 November and the winner will be notified the following week.

Stephen Shakeshaft himself has very kindly offered to judge this month’s competition. The lucky winner will get a signed copy of his book ‘No Illusions’ which includes many of the pictures from the exhibition and more from Stephen’s first 30 years as a newspaper photographer.

  1. Rob Falconer says:

    Your Mum sent me to clean behind your ears

  2. Valérie says:

    Lift that kerb for me to sweep all this rubbish under, will you, kids?

  3. Rob Pendragon says:

    Hey, move on, kids, and stop making my gutter look untidy

  4. ken wilkinson says:

    "Hey,mister any chance of a lift home on that broomstick."?

  5. Nathan Pendlebury says:

    "Do you know, I have had this brush 22 years…I have only changed the head 7 times, and the handle twice."

  6. Louise conville says:

    Hey Mr are you looking to buy a boat called Dignity coz we might know where you can get one.

  7. ste says:

    ‘ey mate, where’s Sooty?

  8. Cheekablue says:

    Breaking news: security breach at Midwich. Public warned to be vigilant.

  9. Robbie says:

    Hey kids I’m Liverpools new central defender they call me the sweeper.

  10. sue mccully says:

    yes it does sound funny,but one day in years to come machines will be doing this job.

  11. Dave Ellwand says:

    "Go on, Granddad, show us how you pole-vaulted over the gas-works to get away from the zeppelin raid"

  12. Clare says:

    Are you two going to give me a hand with this then?

  13. Jonathan Robertson says:

    i swept your grandmother off her feet and now i see your smiles

  14. audrey cowper says:

    As Harry Potter reached 60, his Nimbus 2000 seemed none the worse for wear.

  15. adebond says:

    So I said "Why don’t you stick a broom up there & I’ll sweep the streets while I’m at it."

  16. Paul Woodhead says:

    So let me get this right – this cigar actually belonged to Winston Churchill and you two only want £5 for it?

  17. sue mccully says:

    its better than walking the streets

  18. Stu says:

    "Mind your brush for a shilling Mister..?"

  19. pauline dunbobbin says:

    We never ‘ad Tarmac in my day …and there was plenty of ‘orses! What’s left to brush up now, ey kids?

  20. Ian Geer says:

    The council worker agrees to not sweep away Hanzel and Gretel’s bread crumbs

  21. John Trevorrow says:

    Its Grandad:

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