December’s caption competition

9 December 2009 by Karen

Two gulls on top of a building

This month’s image is of two gulls sitting atop the Museum of Liverpool. All you have to do is come up with a suitably amusing caption and post your suggestion as a comment on this blog post. You can see a larger version of the photo in our Museum of Liverpool Flickr set.

The photo was taken by builds operations manager, Martin Hemmings, and was originally labelled ‘What’s a nice gull like you doing in a place like this?’, so avoid anything similar if you want a chance of winning the prize which is a signed copy of Alan Scarth’s rather excellent new book, ‘Titanic and Liverpool’. More on the book on the Daily Post blog.

The deadline for entries is noon on Wednesday 23 December, and please keep them clean!

  1. Rob Falconer says:

    Are we a mating pair? Look, love, we’re not even speaking to each other at the moment.

  2. Valérie says:

    Seagulls? Of course I can see them.

  3. Rob Pendragon says:

    Going out with an albatross? Get your hearing tested! I said I was going down to Albert Dock.

  4. ken wilkinson says:

    "Clear off pal,i`m playing Gully,you look more like a silly mid off."

  5. Born Toulouse says:

    Out of all of its new austerity measures, Liverpool City Council’s proposed replacement for the Liver Birds proved the most controversial.

  6. Shelagh Tennant says:

    the date wasn’t going well after George told Samantha her breath smelled of fish.

  7. Len Collins says:

    Even in this global recession……….theres NO WAY I am gonna be a LIVER BIRD !

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