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January’s caption competition

4 January 2010 by Sam

two children in a phonebooth covered with snow

Copyright Stephen Shakeshaft

Happy New Year everyone! As it’s a brand new year here’s a brand new caption competition to wake your brains up and get you all thinking. This time we’ve chosen a seasonal photo from the fantastic exhibition Liverpool People by Stephen Shakeshaft at the National Conservation Centre. If you haven’t been to see the exhibition yet then you’ve got three weeks before it closes on 24 January 2010.

If you can think of an amusing (and clean, don’t forget) caption for this photo then post it as a comment by the end of the day on Sunday 17 January. The winner will be announced the following week.

Stephen Shakeshaft himself will be judging this month’s competition. The lucky winner will get a signed copy of his book ‘No Illusions’ which includes many of the pictures from the exhibition and more from Stephen’s first 30 years as a newspaper photographer.

  1. George says:

    You pressed the wrong button,this is 1969

  2. Peter Carr says:

    "We’re snowed in so we decided to call Twitter and tell the world!"

  3. Stuart Ian Burns says:

    New young Doctor Who uncertain about redesign of TARDIS. "Not even the sonic screwdriver will warm this thing up. Oh, hello Amy. Look over there."

  4. Rob Falconer says:

    Noooooo! Our outside toilet is on the other side of the hedge.

  5. Valerie says:

    Doctor Who seems to get younger each time he regenerates

  6. Rob Pendragon says:

    After three bottles of cider, the kids were all ready to try out Subscriber Drunk Dialling

  7. ken wilkinson says:

    "I think it`s time Dad started using a Anti Dandruff Shampoo."

  8. Steve says:

    A young Giles Gilbert Scott in his winter playhouse enthuses to a friend that he just can’t wait to start his work experience weeks with the GPO and the CoE…


    Dance to the Time Warp yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dorinda Boag says:

    Aah ray gerl, der snow sign of Docteroo is der?

  11. Syd Rawcliffe says:

    Noone realized that the order to ‘provide a vending machine outside Forbuoys’ could be misinterpreted………

  12. Alison W says:

    Beam me up Snowy!!

  13. Steven Green says:

    The call to Directory Enquiries had taken some time.

  14. Kerry says:

    Honest…. homes just a "phones snow" away!!

  15. sarah says:


  16. John says:

    Snow use.

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