Warming away the winter blues at Walker Art Gallery

13 January 2010 by Laura

People work on display

Exhibitions team work on display of objects

I know we have all heard enough about the cold weather but may I just explain how much I hate the snow. Not only does it reduce me to walking at a snail’s pace for fear of falling over but when traffic turns it into ugly, sludgey, grey lumps my heart sinks.

With a fresh batch of unwelcome snow delivered today I decided to have a look at how the new Aubrey Williams exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery is looking. One painting is actually called Hymn to the Sun IV and its lovely fiery hues were just what I needed.

As I arrived, members of the exhibition team were working on the display case for objects from World Museum’s Americas collection. The ancient indigenous cultures of Central and South America were a significant influence on his work and this small collection of objects mirror the colour and shapes that can be seen in his paintings.

Aubrey Williams: Atlantic Fire opens Friday 15 January.

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