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12 March 2010 by Sam

old brock wall underground with a small round skylight above it

My job takes me to all sorts of unusual places sometimes. This is a sight that will be familiar to many people, although you may not have seen it quite from this angle before. Can you tell where it is? No – we haven’t gone for the ‘ye olde rustic look’ to decorate the walls of the new Museum of Liverpool, this is a little bit older than that.

See if you can guess – but don’t worry if you can’t, all will be revealed next week.

Update 15/03/10: Well done to Rich, who has correctly guessed where this is – and what the small round skylight at the top right of the photo is. Click on Comments to see his guess if you’re still not sure.

The good news if you want to have a look round yourself is that tours will be available soon – watch this space for details.

Update 25/03/10: As promised the details of the tours, which start in May, are now on the Merseyside Maritime Museum website.

  1. Rich says:

    It’s the dock underneath Chavasse Park. I guess that’s the little viewing point at the top right of the photo.

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