Name the meerkat competition

13 May 2010 by David

The cutest animals on the planet (officially – just ask Lucy in the press office), meerkats were among the exotic animals who visited World Museum in March for a series of “Close Encounters… with live animals!” workshops as part of National Science Week, courtesy of Tropical Inc.

Now those lovely folks need a name for one of their baby female meerkats, and we want you to choose one! All you have to do is think of whatever name you think suits her best, and submit it in the comments below. Alternatively you can tweet your meerkat name on Twitter, adding the hashtag #namethemeerkat, or leave a comment on the World Museum Facebook Wall, also adding #namethemeerkat.

Not only will your name be given to the meerkat, but you will also win a goody bag of meerkat treats – DVDs, books, cuddly toys and more – and have your photo taken with your newly-named meerkat at World Museum in August.

A baby meerkat sitting on a human hand

I need a name!

We’ll be listing all the names submitted so far on the Facebook competition page, so you can check out what names people have come up with. Our team at World Museum will pick their favourite unique name at the close of the competition on 30 July 2010, and the winner will be contacted soon after. (The competition is open to all. Only one name per person permitted – if you are submitting multiple names on behalf of others please add their names to your entry.)

Good luck!

  1. Robert Wooldridge says:

    I think the meerkat should be called Mags, as she could be living in Maghull!

  2. Justine Tennant says:

    Meerkat is an Afrikaan word and the name ‘Engela’ in Afrikaans translates to the English version of ‘Angela’ which means ‘Angel’. Meerkats are also known as ‘sun angels’ so i think a good name for her would be ENGELA #namethemeerkat

  3. Don Slope says:

    Name the meerkat competition:

    I know 1000 people have probably said this but

  4. Sam Constable says:

    i think you should call her "Kjersti"

  5. Catherine Warner says:

    Matisse the Meerkat?

  6. Charlie Backhouse says:

    I think her name should be Violet.

  7. Lynn Buchanan says:


  8. Julia Oakley says:

    I name the meercat Dotcom

  9. Hannah White says:

    I think the female baby Meerkat should be called Misha!

  10. Mairead says:


  11. Benjamin says:


  12. michelle roscoe says:

    I wuold like to submit the name of SCRUNCHIE!

  13. Mark says:

    I think the meerkat should be called Amelia.

  14. rhys donafee says:


  15. Clair Sharpe says:

    My meerkat name suggestion is Squeaky. I thought I’d sent this before but am not sure so sorry if it’s a repeat! Cheers.

  16. Nick Jones says:

    Call it Milhouse.

    Milhouse the Meerkat.

  17. Barbara Jones says:

    I think he should be called Trevor.

  18. diane jansen says:

    Name for Meerkat-brighteyes.

  19. Elizabeth Drummond says:


  20. sonya staffolani says:

    Hi to the folks at the world museum Liverpool UK. What a great job the museum’s Team is doing…I love it. As for the little meerkat? Well only ‘Tikkit’ could possibly fit (according to my grandson Daniel) cheers sonya

  21. katrina says:

    Katrina is a good name for the baby meerkat

  22. Jasmine Nevitt says:

    Hi, I think the baby meerkat should be called ‘Ringo’ as she has rings around her eyes!
    Thank-you. 🙂

  23. Steve says:

    The meerkat should be called ‘Peanut’ after Steven Pienaar who plays for South Africa and Everton – Everton supports call him Peanut.

  24. rhys donafee says:


  25. Annabelle says:

    It’s so cute, I think it should be called Merry – Merry (Meercat) – she likes a laugh!

  26. Christine R says:

    My little girl suggests ‘Mickey’ as the baby Meerkats name.

    i think ‘ ‘Meeranda’ (Miranda) would suit it nicely!

  27. K. says:


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