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Paintings in the flesh – John Moores 2010 judging continues…

7 June 2010 by Lisa

Large white cube in a warehouse

The place where the paintings will be judged.

This week sees the start of stage 2 of the judging for the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize 2010!

As promised in my previous post, I will be taking you behind the scenes by bringing you an online video of all the judging action later this week.

The JM2010 jury – Gary Hume, Alison Watt, Sir Norman Rosenthal, Ged Quinn and Goshka Macuga – will be arriving in Liverpool in the next day or so and will begin judging the paintings that have got through to stage 2.

As judge Alison Watt said in the video for stage 1, this is where things start to get really exciting as the jury will be seeing the paintings ‘in the flesh’. They will get to see the surfaces, sizes and textures of each painting and really get to grips with which paintings they are connecting with the most.

Above you can see the viewing cube which will be used to show the paintings to our jury as they decide which one will win that coveted first prize. The first prizewinning painting is in that room somewhere – who knows which one it will be!

You’ll have to wait until September to find out, but in the mean time you can subscribe to our John Moores news feed or follow us on Twitter, to hear first when the video for stage 2 goes online… 

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