Calling all smugglebusters

8 July 2010 by Alison Cornmell

The last time I spent any time with five year olds was when I was five myself. From what I remember it’s pretty tough – warm milk at break time,  bossy kids beating you to it to get to the wet sand and watercress that wont grow out of the Flora tub. I can only assume it’s the same for the five year olds of today too.

However it was lovely to see a school group of five year olds getting a much needed break from the stresses of everyday life at the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

St Andrews C of E primary school came along to take part in the Little Smugglebusters Playday, part of the Seized! The Border and Customs Uncovered events programme.

Last week I arranged for a photographer from the Daily Post and Echo to come along and take a few snaps for the paper. While we were there children took part in customs themed fun, including dressing up and storytelling. We were lucky enough to have two little volunteers willing to have their picture taken and they did a fantastic job of posing for the camera.

If you have a little one who’d make a good little smugglebuster there is another playday on 2 September 2010 from 10.30am – 1.30pm where all little smugglebusters are invited to smugglebust for free.

two children dressed up run at the Albert Dock

Two Little Smugglebusters play up for the camera


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