Overhead Railway Carriage goes home

28 July 2010 by Sam

overhead railway carriage on the back of a lorry at the Pier Head by the Museum of Liverpool

Object number 1 arrives at the Museum of Liverpool

This morning I am very proud to say that I went trainspotting. I looked the part – I had my camera, a notepad and I was wearing a sensible waterproof coat (I stopped short of an actual anorak). But I didn’t go to stand on a platform at Lime Street station, instead I headed down to The Strand to witness quite a historic moment. For today the last remaining motor coach from Liverpool’s former Overhead Railway retraced part of its original route along the waterfront – this time on the back of a lorry.

The Overhead Railway carriage – which many will remember from the basement display in the old Liverpool Museum before it became World Museum – has been conserved in a project funded by our membership scheme. Now fully restored, this morning it was delivered to the Museum of Liverpool ready to go out on display there. This makes it the first object in the brand new museum, which opens next year.

It was quite a sight to see the carriage arriving and travelling past the Liver Building, as it once would have done, full of passengers enjoying the view. Today there was quite a crowd at the Pier Head to greet it. If you didn’t make it down you can see some photos of the carriage’s last journey on our Overhead Railway Carriage goes home set on Flickr – and keep an eye out for it in the local news tonight.

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