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‘Stop Cutting’ artwork by Yinka Shonibare

28 September 2010 by Lisa

The latest artwork created in support of the Save the Arts campaign has arrived!

The artwork by Yinka Shonibare

The artwork by Yinka Shonibare

We have been following the progress of this campaign here on the blog, as well as highlighting our own petition against potential cuts – you can sign it online here.

This striking new work by Fourth Plinth artist Yinka Shonibare was unveiled today as part of the campaign supported by over 100 leading British artists against the government’s proposed funding cuts of the arts.

The artist’s work shows a slash across a piece of brightly coloured African fabric for which the artist has become well known with the caption: ‘Stop Cutting’.

Yinka Shonibare MBE has become well known for work that explores issues of race and class through the media of painting, sculpture, photography and, most recently, film. He was a Turner prize nominee in 2004 and he was awarded an MBE, a title that he has added to his professional name. His commission for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle, was installed in May this year and in June his major new public art work covering the gable end of a thirteen-storey tower block, commissioned by the South London Gallery to celebrate their expansion, was unveiled in Camberwell.  

  1. Ben Stevenson says:

    The country has a budget deficit

    If you are against cuts in the arts budget, then which other budget should be cut instead? Teachers? Nurses? Police? Social care?

  2. Lisa Web Team says:

    Hi Ben,

    Like the rest of the public sector we know we are not immune to cuts, but what we feel strongly about is the level of cut we could face. Cuts of up to 40% will seriously damage our ability to maintain world class museums and galleries. We believe we have something worth fighting for and this is why we launched our petition. We’re really pleased that more than 16,000 people have already signed our petition already.

  3. Ben Stevenson says:

    Instead of fighting against cuts, which are inevitable because of the state of the public finances, why not launch a fund-raising campaign for voluntary donations from the public?
    I’m sure there are lots of people in Liverpool who would donate to support the local museums. Why not put a prominent link to the donations page on the homepage, set a target sum of money to be raised, and put one of those thermometer like graphics to show progress to the target.
    Also get some local celebrities to back the fund-raising campaign in local media.

  4. Lisa Web Team says:

    Hi Ben,

    We have a very active fundraising arm of National Museums Liverpool and we do go out and seek support. We have a ‘Supporting Us’ section on our homepage for fundraising and leaflets at all our venues. We also encourage support through our membership scheme. At the new Museum of Liverpool we are getting people to sponsor roof tiles and seats in the new theatre. We try lots of different things to raise funds, but we are open to new ideas, so thanks for your suggestions.

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