Edward Rushton makes a stand

21 January 2011 by Lynn

**24 January: Unfortunately, this talk has been cancelled.**

Next week on Monday 24 January Dr. Franca Dellarosa will be giving a lecture at the Anthony Walker Education Centre at the International Slavery Museum.

Starting at 5.30pm her talk Rebellious Poetics:  Slavery, Oppression and Agency in Edward Rushton’s Writings (1787-1814) will discuss the Liverpool writer Edward Rushton.

Although not well know today, his reputation as a lifelong committed champion of human rights made him famous at the time. In 1797 he wrote a critical paper about George Washington for his failure to extend freedom to the enslaved in North America.

Dr. Franca Dellarosa will explore the global terms of Rushton’s civil and political commitment. She will also discuss his use of powerful language in his Expostulatory Letter to George Washington in relation to Liverpool as a slaving port and in the light of developing radical discussion.

The lecture is hosted jointly by the Eighteenth Century Worlds Research Centre and the Centre for the Study of International Slavery at the International Slavery Museum.

picture of outside of building with yellow projection on it

Hear Dr. Franca Dellarosa speak at the International Slavery Museum

  1. Francesco Gentile says:

    looks massive!

  2. Dr A.Mockler says:

    Has a date been set for rescheduling this course?

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Dr Mockler,

    The talk was rescheduled for the following Monday 31 January 2011.

    So I’m afraid that unfortunately you will have missed it. You can keep an eye on all forthcoming talks at the International Slavery Museum via our ‘What’s On’ listings:


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