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‘A true adventure in the past and present’

15 April 2011 by Alison Cornmell

This week the Marketing and Communications team welcomed work expereince volunteer Callum. We asked Callum to visit we the Merseyside Maritime Museum where he gave his review.

I really enjoyed visiting the Merseyside Maritime Museum it was a very interesting and adventurous experience. It had a lot of things that I really like reading and learning about such as the emigration section which had great information about weaponry and drugs that had been seized in airports or docks that people had tried to smuggle into the country. It also had a very realistic walkthrough which represented an old deck that sailors used to live in on tall ships, in the 17th and 18th century. There were interactive games that I had a go at and the children loved it. There are quite a few other sections you can visit in the museum such as the International Slavery Museum and an Art and the Sea gallery. On the top floor of the museum it has the Maritime Dining Rooms so I didn’t have to go far for a good snack. The Maritime Museum is nominated for the Large Visitor Attraction award at The Mersey Partnership awards and I think it has a very good chance of winning it. The Maritime is a true adventure into the past and present of our world and I would recommend it for a great day out. 

A large ships anchor sits infront of a large museum

The Merseyside Maritime Museum where our volunteer Callum visited.

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