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8 June 2011 by Sam

detail of ship model with 'Titanic Liverpool'

Titanic was a Liverpool registered ship, as you can see in this detail of the museum’s Titanic model

Next year to mark the 100th anniversary of RMS Titanic’s sinking, Merseyside Maritime Museum will host a special exhibition exploring the ship through the lives of the Liverpool people at the heart of her tragic story. Titanic and Liverpool: the untold story will open in March 2012.

The exhibition will feature a lot of previously unseen material from our archives. Curator of maritime history Ian Murphy would also like to hear from you if you have any local stories about the Titanic to add;

“Liverpool people and businesses helped to shape the fortune and fate of Titanic. Does someone in your family have a Liverpool link to the world’s most famous ocean liner? Merseyside Maritime Museum would like to hear from anyone with more information on some of the local people who played a part in Titanic’s story. Please send us your Titanic story using this contact form.”

  1. Donald Johnson says:

    My maternal grandfather, Albert Edward Riddolls Buckle, was working at Cammell Lairds as a Master Carpenter/Joiner and, shortly after he and his wife lost their 5 year old son, he was asked to move over to Belfast and to work for Harland & Wolff where he was working on TITANIC, apparently working with what he called ‘meogany’.
    According to my mother, when the ship was nearly finished they selected the H & W Guarantee team and he was supposed to have travelled but he was taken ill two weeks before she sailed and couldn’t go so a young apprentice named William Campbell took his place. All the team lost their lives.
    He went on to work on BRITANNIC and my mother was born 6days shy of the second anniversary of the sinking.
    After the war my grandfather moved back to lairds and was working the the new MAURETANIA when a plank fell, hit him on the head and he died in Birkenhead General Hospital in June 1937.

  2. Marrilynne Taylor says:

    My family sailed to Canada the week before the Titanic on the Megantic. I have written this poem to commemorate the sinking of the Titanic and would be honoured if you included it in the Titanic story.

    Can we begin to imagine
    The terror they must have been in
    The horrors that they saw that night
    As they witnessed their fellows plight

    People that fought to stay alive
    Desperately struggling to survive
    Men, women and children too
    Old, young, passengers and crew

    All was calm, all was well
    The sea was still, without a swell
    Until into an ice burg she crashed
    The starboard bow was torn and smashed

    ‘Unsinkable’ the experts said
    Passengers filled with fear and dread
    People running, screaming, frantic
    As she sank into the Atlantic

    Men in the band decided to stay
    Bravely they continued to play
    ‘Nearer my God to Thee’
    As she sunk beneath the sea

    Splashing, thrashing in an ice cold sea
    Screaming, moaning, ‘please help me’
    They did plead and implore
    Until their cries were heard no more

    Such bravery was seen that night
    As they faced such awful fright
    In the ice cold waters of the Atlantic
    As down and down sank the Titanic

    written by M H Taylor

  3. Fiona Jones says:

    Hi there,my grans cousinwas the second purser on the Titanic,she was from Salford and i think he was from London.

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