Liverpool Sailors’ Home

19 August 2011 by Kay

section of metal railing with a mermaid figure

After 60 years absence, the beautiful gates from Liverpool Sailors’ Home have been returned to the city where they now act as a gateway to Liverpool ONE and the World Heritage Site.

The large gates feature the same mermaid design as this railing which you can see on display in The People’s Republic gallery, Museum of Liverpool. 

These railings from the interior balconies were made specially for the Home, which opened in Canning Place in 1850. The Home was a safe place for seafarers to stay while in port. Other items from the Sailors’ Home on display in the Museum of Liverpool include an original enamel sign and a Seaman’s Register 1966–68.

  1. Portmeiriana says:

    A little bird tells me that a very large bird is about to land in the Museum.
    When can we expect to see the arrival of the giant sandstone Liverbird carving that once stood above the entrance to the Sailors’ Home? I understood that this was being restored ready for display in the Museum of Liverpool. Pctures of the restoration have already appeared on the web.

  2. Portmeiriana says:

    The gates were moved to Avery in 1951, so it is 60 years not 50.

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Portmeiriana,

    The sandstone Liver Bird will be ready for display soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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