Start of a long journey

12 August 2011 by Sarah Starkey

Photograph of ship called City of Chicago

City of Chicago, Inman Line, built 1873 (reference McR/39/312)

A lycra-clad cyclist came into the Maritime Archives & Library last week wanting to know where someone arriving in Liverpool from New York in 1885 would have landed.  We pointed him in the direction of the Princes Landing Stage and the Pier Head. The reason for his interest was that he was about to start cycling around the world, attempting to follow the route of Thomas Stevens’ 1884-1887 journey that made him the first man to cycle around the world. 

According to my quick internet research Stevens arrived in Liverpool on the Inman Line’s City of Chicago, which is the ship in this photograph.  We wish his intrepid follower well, you can follow his attempt on his blog at

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