Maritime Moustaches for Movember

1 November 2011 by Sarah Starkey

Photograph of man with moustache

William C Mylechreest, Mersey pilot, reference D/MORR/4/1/1

November is time for Movember, when men grow moustaches for a month to raise awareness of men’s health issues.  Now this is obviously a laudable effort, but there are always lessons to be learnt from the past. We’ve chosen a few examples of maritime men from the Maritime Archives & Library to demonstrate how to work a moustache with flare.  No comedy intent here, just serious style.  Can the man of today live up to the high standards set by the men of the past?  Images of Movember efforts will be posted on their website for you to judge.

  1. Bob Hughes says:

    Moustaches, my grandfather Owen Hughes, who was in deep sea sail and laterly 1st mate of the Garston dredger the Rhyl, had a moustache like the one above, dont know about the waxed bits at the ends though. I have a wonderful photo of him on the poop deck of the sailing ship Ecclefechan, taken in the port of Portland Oregon. Suprisingly noit many of the crew had moustaches though.

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