Counting down to the planetarium blast off!

27 January 2012 by Lisa

It’s almost time to re-open the planetarium now that all the refurbishment has been done. Our planetarium staff have been getting to grips with all the new equipment and here’s John Moran from the team to tell us more.

John and Jenny get their hands on the new planetarium equipment.

John and Jenny get their hands on the new planetarium equipment.

Well we’re getting very close to opening day here in the planetarium. We’ll be open again from Monday 30th of January and my colleagues and I are now almost up to speed with operating the new projection equipment.

We have had plenty of opportunity to view what the new projectors are capable of and all I can say is wow! For the time being we won’t have a huge selection of shows, as we are in the process of creating new ones, so we do need our kind visitors to bear with us for a while. But what we have got will blow your socks off.

The first of our new shows will be ‘Chronicle of a journey to earth’. In this show an intergalactic traveller reaches our part of the galaxy looking for somewhere to settle and as he moves towards the sun he examines comets, planets, asteroids and earth. You will be able to follow the traveller’s path and see close up what today’s science has discovered about each of the components of our solar system.

With the new equipment we will also be able to run fantastic live presenter-led shows. We will be able to talk to visitors while we show constellations, the movements of the sun, moon, planets and deep sky objects. We will also be able to show the planets as close or as far away as we like.

We’re looking forward to running shows and seeing what the general public think of their new planetarium. Get ready for blast off folks, its going to be good.

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